Though I have a lot to say, I will use just a few words to talk about this company combining sustainable development and social welfare. S2 Services is not only a partner, but a friend, an anchor at this particular time in which everything makes you feel alone! When we talk about S2, we are talking about ourselves and likewise when we talk about TMSU, we are talking about S2. As its name suggests, Services – Serve! And they do it in practice. Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Mitigation, Adaptation, Energy Access, true and strong partnership… serving twice! That is simply S2 I would say! Congratulations for your achievement and success moving forward!
Prof. AGBATI Koffigan Camil, Lecturer – University of Lomé (Togo) / Managing Director TMSU International
In 2010, I met two young and ambitious Engineers and Managers setting a consulting company in Cameroon. Their determination and their will to move forward enabled to break different barriers they were facing as much in the business environment of Cameroon and in a field relatively unknown to many (Sustainable Development and Clean Development Mechanism). I remember that one of our first joint initiative was to launch in 2011 Light 4 All Cameroon, an association promoting clean lighting solution in Cameroon. In ten years, S2 followed its path and creates a significant impact in Africa. Congratulations! For me, one of S2 Best Initiative is the (Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development) REEESD Academy. I particularly like the approach of starting from the grassroots with kids, promoting frugal innovation and bringing the practical content to the theory our kids and scholars learn at school. I am sure, will soon become one of the main training institute in Africa. Keep moving guy and let’s continue the fight for Sustainability
Dr. Maxime KAMDEM, Economist
In 2014, at Douala City, I worked alongside Hervé and Durando, enthusiastic and ambitious Cameroonians entrepreneurs. An unforgettable memory for me, a professional and personal fabulous experience ! I enjoyed their business approach, their competencies and the expertise gained notably during their European years and their pragmatism and willingness to apply it in their native country. I really felt their energy in their purpose to “push back the boundaries” of CSR. Durando and Hervé also taught me a lot, they really trusted in me when I was still a young professional. For that, I really thank them a lot ! So I hope that S2 will pursue its growth and its ability to tangibly act and influence environmental policy in Cameroon and in West/Central Africa. I dream that S2 will be at the heart of a positive change for the environmental and social justice in Africa.
The rich cooperation between ENDA Energy (Senegal) and S2 Services (Cameroon) roots from a shared vision of supporting the learning process of communities and territories in the fields of Energy and Climate Change. It’s been 9 years already that we have believed in that cooperation and I am happy it was and still is a great bet! BRAVO S2 and let’s keep up!
Secou SARR, Executive Director ENDA Energie
You decide to start a company for a purpose! Mine got clearer after several exchanges with S2 who approached me to help build a marketing and communication strategy for their services. I then though marketing and communication could serve sustainable development. ANT & Co. got founded. The goal and strategy of ANT & Co. is to build on today’s available tools, technologies and channels to market and sell “green and sustainable” activities and services at the bottom of the pyramid. The 10 years achievements of S2 is inspiring and will surely help achieve that .  
Antoinette MBASSI, Founder and CEO ANT & Co.