Integrating Sustainability into business
practices in Africa” is S2’s Vision

BEYOND TODAY: At S2, we are committed to help
achieving all SDGs

Integrating Sustainability into business
practices in Africa” is S2’s Vision

BEYOND TODAY: At S2, we are committed to help
achieving all SDGs

Never take what you have
for granted!

Other might be struggling to have
a drop of it!

Just planting millions of threes around
the world is not enough!

Monitoring, social and other co-benefits are the real game changers in NBS

The sun, the wind, waterfalls, rivers,
biomass…are always available!

The real mitigation is efficiency, economy and using smartly
what is available where we are.

Impact Financing

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Green Asset Portfolio

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Welcome to s2

S2 Services is an environmental consultancy based in Douala-Cameroon that works in project implementation, climate finance and renewable energy and sustainable development.

Decarbonising our world requires a collective, global effort by governments, private companies and civil society working together.

Over the last decade, S2’s team has been working hard to bridging the gap and seeking appropriate solutions in linking abundantly available climate and green funding with impactful activities in Africa. There is NO LED (low emission development), NO GHG (Greenhouse Gases) emissions reduction WITHOUT project implementation, monitoring, verification, and reporting!

Join us and let’s make impact together and NOW!

What we do

We top quality services, training, capacity, and project development solutions in various fields, with the commitment to help achieve all sustainable development goals.

Climate & sustainable development finance

  • Design, Development and Sourcing of Carbon Projects
  • Audit and Monitoring of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Emissions Reduction trading

Environmental and social governance

  • ESG Support
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment / Audit / Notice
  • Support in ISO 14001 Certification
  • Support in implementing Environmental and Social Management Systems

Renewable energy and energy efficiency

  • Development and Funding of RE/EE Projects
  • Sales of high quality RE and EE solutions
  • Energy Audit and Energy Saving Solutions
  • Sensitizing and Communication Campaign on RE and EE
  • Energy Planning

Impact finance

  • CSR Diagnosis
  • Sourcing of Impact projects
  • Design and Implementation of CRS Policies
  • Monitoring and Reporting of the impact of financed programs/projects
  • Consulting on/and Design of Local Community Development Projects

Community, council development

  • Diagnosis and Development of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SEACAP) for cities and councils
  • Climate Vulnerability Assessment
  • Consulting / Training and Capacity Building
  • Green finance sourcing for councils and communities

GIS – Remote Sensing

  • GIS Project and App development
  • Interactive Mapping Solutions
  • Infrastructure and Asset Mapping
  • Early Warning Solutions
  • Data Mining, Analysis and Reporting
  • Remote Sensing

About S2

"Integrating sustainability into business practices in Africa" is our VISION

Our Mission: Serve as a North-South and South-South bridge by developing a collaborative platform for all stakeholders while considering the 3 sustainability pillars: Equity, Environment and Economy

To help achieve all sustainable development goals, s2 focuses on:

A territorial approach: Capacity building and collaboration with decentralized territorial collectivities on energy, climate, and sustainable development issues

The Youth: Coaching and training of young entrepreneurs Gender-Energy: Promoting a gender approach to energy production and access questions in Africa

Social Entrepreneurship: Development and support of sustainable projects and businesses .

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Our Team

S2 is made of a management with over 40 years of experience in environment, clean energy, sustainable development, and climate, backed by a young, balanced, and dynamic team looking to bring sustainable solutions to your challenge, which is our challenge!
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